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Meru Spring Water


Meru Spring was established in 2011 becoming one of several water treatment and packaging companies with experienced personnel from related companies. Meru water comes with bottling projects and has various liquid bottling machinery.


Its headquarters are situated in Arusha’s Olosiva area. Meru Spring becomes Arusha’s first water processing and bottling company.


The entire company comes with compliancy in health and environmental standards so as to meet the customer requirements with high satisfaction and recognition. It has several staff among them are experienced in designing, manufacturing, assembling and packaging.

Business Focus

Meru Spring focuses its future on innovation and excellence in business and also at becoming one of the leading producers of pure natural water in East Africa and neighboring countries and become a household name in Tanzania.

Meru Spring looks forward to strengthening its market leadership through constant enhancement of excellence of its products through innovative manufacturing, and marketing, reinvestments and an efficient countrywide distribution network.


Our commitment is to delivering superior quality product with strict adherence to international quality standards.


Our Water is completely natural and is always untampered with. The water will always be endorsed by TABS, tested and approved by Internationally accredited laboratories to be meeting World Health standards for Mineral Water.

Products & services

Pure Natural Mineral Water

People depend on safe fresh water to meet daily requirements mainly in the urban areas.


The source of Meru Spring is around the natural Mountain called Meru. Meru water is an ideal beverage for people of all ages and walks of life. There are no additives added for bacterial disinfections, sterilization is done by means of ozonisation and ultra violet treatment which breaks back to oxygen to ensure that the sanctity of natural water is not violated, thus preserving the aesthetic property of the water.


Product Range

• 500ml, 1000ml and 1500ml water bottles.
• Packaging for company promotions